Free Sermon Series for Lent for Pastors

I want to give you a gift to pass on to your pastor. It’s a free sermon series for the season of sermon series

Lent is the season that leads up to Easter. It’s the time we reflect on the suffering and resurrection of Jesus. But it’s also the time we ought to reflect on how our suffering can lead to resurrection as well.

Resurrection isn’t limited to the next life. It’s for this life too. God wants to resurrect us from our seasons of suffering.

Help People Overcome Their Losses

This free sermon series is called: Return from Exile: How to overcome loss, failure and personal setbacks (or whatever your pastor chooses to call it). I’ve preached these sermons in my church and they formed the basis for by book, “Out of Exile,” which was followed by my latest book: “Return from Exile.”

The goal of the series is to help people reframe their losses as something positive. I use the metaphor of exile to talk about the various losses we experience in life that leave us feeling disoriented and disillusioned.

I learned that God makes his greatest investment in our lowest moments.

The Bible is full of stories about exile and how God used them for good in the lives of his people. If you are open to it, God can use your losses to transform your life. As one person said about the book: I learned that God makes his greatest investment in our lowest moments.

Download the Free Sermon Series

Download the free sermon series here. (email me if you want a Word document)

As an added bonus, here is a link for a free download to my book: Out of Exile: Pastor’s Edition to give to your pastor. It’s written to specifically help pastors overcome the losses unique to them.

Contact me if you have any questions. Otherwise, download the free sermon series and you are good to go. Or maybe just send the link for this post to your pastor.

I hope this series encourages your church.