Free Book on Spiritual Abuse and How to Overcome It: Broken Trust

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Today on Kindle, I’m offering a free book on spiritual abuse, my latest book called, Broken Trust...a practical guide to identify and recover from toxic faith, toxic church, and spiritual abuse. lets me give my Kindle books away for free every so often. I hope you will take advantage of this offer and tell your friends.

If you prefer the paperback version, you can order it for a 25% discount by clicking this link. I’m able to offer the price break because this link bypasses and goes right to the publisher.

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If you download and read Broken Trust, would you be so kind as to review it on the Amazon page? Books live and die by their reviews. The more reviews a book has, and the better the rating, the more the book pops up in Amazon search.

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People are saying good things about Broken Trust!

I’m pleased at the response the book has gotten after just three weeks. Here are two examples:

One of the best books I have read on how to process and deal with broken trust in churches by those in authority…It has practical applications on how to move forward in your life and finding peace that passes all understanding in your situation! This is a must read for you if you have undeserved hurt by other Christians and leaders. R.C.

I wish I had found a book like this 25 years ago. Remy does a great job unraveling the mystery behind spiritual abuse, toxic churches and how these churches cloak abuse under the guise of spirituality. Almost every page of the book I was thinking, “that’s my situation exactly” or “that has happened to me”. People are just now beginning to understand what makes these abusers tick. Thank you Remy for filling in the blanks and helping me connect the dots. M.U.

Free Book on Spiritual Abuse

Don’t be shy. Download the book and let others know too. Post it on your Facebook page. The free Kindle is only available for two days.



4 thoughts on “Free Book on Spiritual Abuse and How to Overcome It: Broken Trust

  1. Karen Kersting

    Finished reading Broken Trust-thank you! This book reminded me of some key truths; Forgiveness is free,Trust is earned. Learned a bit more about myself (page 120) I am quick to engage… I am continuing to mine the depths of God’s grace (page 103). It is a place of unique and never ending adventure as I dig deeper. I am passing the book on…There is a waiting line! God continues His work through broken people (131). I am grateful to have been able to listen to your teachings through the the past 12 years. This is very relevant to today. What a humbling gift to think of my job description as a wounded healer. Never something I would have considered as a life goal. But, here I am, in the process of being restored and free(145-147). And I can think of nothing better than sharing the story.

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