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Advance review on OUT OF EXILE:

A​t the end of 2013 ​, I was hurt and wounded as I had never been in over 20 years of pastoral Out of Exile Front Coverministry. I was disillusioned, out of work, and a complete mess. But then, somehow, I stumbled on your “Out of Exile” writings.  And wow… did God use it to restore my soul. I worked through the first 24 days of your writing in about two days, then reviewed and reviewed and reviewed various sections for the next two or three months. God used your writings to significantly restore my soul, my faith in the church, and my internal perspective on God. Even my wife and our two sons regularly said, “What in the world are you reading? You are a different man than you were ​before.”

Thank you for allowing God’s inspiration to flow through you. Your thoughts, your encouragements, your challenges were timely and necessary to rebuild in me what had been lost. I’d had an amazingly charmed ministry experience up to this point — I was loved, appreciated, sought after, and though I had certainly faced challenges from time to time in our various churches/ministry experiences, was woefully unprepared for the evil, vile hatred expressed toward us in this overwhelmingly difficult season of ministry. I wanted to quit, not just on the church, but on God as well. God used you to keep me in ministry. I owe you a huge debt, and I don’t even know you. Thank you! Ken DePeal

Reviews on STUCK

STUCK offers real ways to get unstuck in any relationship. Remy gets to the heart of your anger and emotional pain and works it out of you with simple easy steps. Be sure to do the questions after each chapter. Very helpful. Will be referring the book to many friends in pain. Susan Christopherson


I’ve been reading this book for the past few days and am happy to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The author writes in a very down to earth manner and has a lot of helpful and practical insight. The reality is that all of us struggle with getting “stuck.” Although each situation is different, many of the principles shared in the book, if applied, can be life changing. I recommend you take the time to actually write stuff down in the “Write it Down” sections. The questions help you dig deeper in the contents of the book.Read  more reviews on STUCK here. Touger Tao

What a wonderful resource this is! Now only does it challenge the reader to review his/her own approach to relationships but it establishes a great paradigm of mutual communication and compassion. A must read for all couples, whether just going out or married for many years! Pastor Danny Martinez

Healing the Hurts of Your Past

Reviews on Healing the Hurts of Your Past

I just finished reading your book. Healing the Hurts of Your Past. What a great book it really helped me understand a lot about myself, my guilt and my shame it also gave me a greater understanding and compassion for other people in my life. I would highly recommend that everyone read your book weather they are looking for healing or not. Great read Remy thanks.  Bruce K.

Remy Diederich has done a masterful job of weaving theological and psychological concepts together in a way that makes sense. His concepts … are easily grasped… I recommend this material to anyone desiring to know how to walk in freedom and truth. Julianne S. Zuehlke, MS. RN, CS,  Co-author with Neil Anderson of Christ-Centered Therapy.

As a Biblical Counselor at Harvest Community Church (Oak Creek, WI), I found the book “Healing the Hurts of Your Past” has been an indispensable reference when it comes to counseling individuals that are struggling with shame. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a pastor, counselor, and leader. Thanks for this great book! Phil Martinez, Director of Biblical Counseling – Harvest Community Church 

I would highly recommend this book…this book plants a seed. As I incorporated the thoughts and ideas from this book into my life, I began to notice small changes. After some time, which would be different for everyone, I noticed significant differences in my relationship with God and how I felt about myself as a person. R. Wagner

What helped me in your book was hearing YOUR stories because I  never would have guessed that you would have dealt with some of the things you did.  So, your vulnerability allows others to grow in their walk with the Lord because it allows us to be real and not feel all alone in our struggles.  R. C.

I highly recommend this book. I could identify with myself as well as others throughout. I never realized how so many of my childhood experiences were carried into my adult life, causing me to often react in negative, unhealthy ways. This book gives you so much insight & direction as to overcoming the shame and lies. I love the stories of others shared throughout the book. Give yourself a gift, purchase this book. Then, pass it on to someone you know could also benefit from it.  Karen

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