Whitney Houston’s Haunting Questions

Kevin Costner spoke at Whitney Houston’s funeral. He spoke of Whitney’s faith and her self-doubt.  He said that after her screen test for “Bodyguard” she was so filled with doubt. She wondered,

  • Am I good enough?
  • Am I pretty enough?
  • Will they like me?

Aren’t those the questions that haunt all of us to some degree if we are honest? We all live with a bar of expectation that hangs over us.  If we aren’t careful those questions evolve into lies that condemn us saying; I need to reach that bar to be accepted. If I don’t reach it then I’m worthless.

Whitney Houston Had Worth Beyond Her Performance

It’s sad to me that even people of faith, like Whitney Houston,  struggle with these lies. We have a Savior who communicated our infinite value by dying for us. It’s not our performance that gives us value  but the stamp of God on our lives. If only Whitney could have fully believed this. In my book, Healing the Hurts of Your Past I wrote…

Since God created you, you are valuable by nature. It doesn’t matter what you have done or what you have neglected to do. Your performance has nothing to do with your inherent worth. Your worth comes solely from who created you and that is God. It is impossible for God to create anything that is not of great value. From Healing the Hurts of Your Past

Costner ended his message by imagining Whitney Houston in heaven singing before God. He said, Don’t worry. You’ll be good enough.   I hope what he meant was that she’d be found good enough…not because of her talent but because of God’s grace.

It’s that truth that gives us peace in this life and the one to come.

Question: What are the questions that haunt you? Leave your comment below.


5 thoughts on “Whitney Houston’s Haunting Questions

  1. Elli

    If you live in a fish bowl like she did, then you will become a target of the people who want perfection and no tolerance for anything short of it. We (generalized public) even demand it in sports and so many other things. We don’t celebrate coming in second or third, only if you win do you get to enter the “winner’s circle”. Then we (gp) wait eagerly to see the person at the top fall then we attack with no mercy. However, in the kingdom of heaven there is grace, amazing grace that lifts all of us into the winner’s circle.

  2. Susan Minter

    Remy, I am enjoying your blogs so much. You put into words, and very good words, what I feel about our society today. We are seeing it over and over. When it happens to a celebrity it is right in our face but I know that there are people all around us that are walking around feeling like pond scum. That they just can’t be the people they want to be. They see people that they wish they could be like and feel like such a failure because they don’t think they can ever be like the one they admire. If they only knew that they have value by being just who they are. God created them and loves them. I like you hope that Kevin Kostner understands that nothing Whitney did in this life made her good enough but it is by Gods grace through Jesus Christ that she would be worthy.

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