Transformational Prayer Ministry- What is it?

In my book, Healing the Hurts of Your Past,  I make a brief reference to Transformational Prayer Ministry (TPM)*. Put simply, it is one of many forms of prayer for inner healing of emotional wounds.Transformational Prayer Ministry

A little background as it relates to me. About twelve years ago I was doing a lot of counseling at church and getting pretty frustrated. It didn’t matter what I told people…it didn’t matter how powerful the truth was…people weren’t finding freedom. That just seemed wrong to me.

Transformational Prayer Ministry leads to true freedom

Then a fellow pastor shared with me a video series on prayer for inner healing. It was about a new approach called TPM.  This prayer process helps to reveal the source of our emotional pain and heal us. I watched the videos and I was struck by the simplicity of it. I’m over simplifying it here but it involves a prayer facilitator helping a person find the source of their emotional pain through prayer.

I was trained in this technique and worked with many clients. I then trained a few people in my church who built a ministry around this technique. We have seen hundreds of people set free from deep issues of depression, shame, anger, etc. as a result. The frustration that I  had in my previous counseling experience evaporated as person after person found true freedom.

Sadly, TPM has taken some criticism from people who don’t understand the nature of it.  However when you compare the few who have criticism to the tens of thousands of people using this prayer ministry in over 150 countries worldwide the criticism becomes minuscule. Also, TPM has been maligned, not so much for the process but the facilitator. As with any helping profession, there are both good and bad practitioners. But we don’t negate the entire profession just because of an occasional bad practitioner. So don’t let the criticism of TPM scare you away.

My book, Healing the Hurts of Your Past,  is an excellent primer for TPM, that is, it doesn’t teach you how to do it but it helps you understand the role that lies play in our dysfunction and how we can find true freedom.

Question: What is your experience with Transformational Prayer Ministry?