Tony Robbins interviews Alice Herz-Sommer

Tony Robbins Interviews Alice Herz Sommers

This is a followup to my last post about aging well.  I recently watched Tony Robbins interview Alice Herz-Sommer, a 108 year old survivor of Nazi concentration camps.  Her optimism was inspiring. The sharpness of her mind is amazing. This is very encouraging to me after spending time with some elderly people who weren’t so positive.

In addition to her optimism I found her words about music fascinating. She was a concert pianist. The Nazi’s made her play concerts in the death camps as part of their misinformation campaign to show that they were offering quality entertainment to the inmates.

She talks about music as being “food”…that it provided her and others with literal sustenance during this dark time.  It reminded me of two things; first the words of Jesus when he said that he had food to eat that no one knew about. He was talking about the joy of telling people about his kingdom as being more satisfying than eating food. It just shows that we aren’t as dependent on the material world as we tend to think.

It also reminded me of the movie “The Music Never Stopped“, a true story about how a man was able to reconnect with his past through listening to music from his past.  Music is a gift from God. We too often take it for granted or use it for the wrong reasons. But it’s a beautiful thing.


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  1. Barbara Altman

    How inspiring! Yes, music has the power to heal, to sustain,and to motivate! I too am a classically trained pianist. I know that music brought be through tough times, and healed me both physically and mentally. But enough about me. This post will bring a lot of enouragement to readers. To see and hear a 108 year old woman who survived such trauma is inspiring!

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