Ten Questions to Help You Find God’s Will

If you believe in God then there is nothing more important than finding God’s will for your life. Nothing can give you more confidence than knowing that you are where God wants you. But, how do you discover God’s will for your life?Finding God's Will

I can’t tackle a subject this large in one post, but I do want to give you ten questions that might at least get you headed in the right direction. It’s not an exhaustive list. Maybe you can share your own questions in the feedback below.

I offer questions instead of directives because I find questions do a better job of opening our minds up to new ideas. For a fuller discussion of this topic you can download a recent message of mine on the topic.

Ten Questions to Help You Find God’s Will

The first four questions position you to hear from God. The next five questions help you to judge what you think you’ve heard. And the final question helps you with the execution of the idea.

  1. Do I believe God speaks to people personally? This is a fundamental question that will determine if you are even open to the idea of hearing from God. Jesus said that his sheep hear his voice, so I have to assume that he does indeed speak to his followers. Do you?
  2. Am I close enough to God to hear his voice? God is not a Ouija board or a Magic Eight ball. Hearing from God doesn’t involve tricks or formulas. Like any relationship, it requires drawing close enough to hear from God. What can you do to draw close to God to hear him better?
  3. Have I asked God for direction? As basic as this sounds, many people never think to ask God a question, assuming he’s not interested in answering. But when you ask God a question it predisposes you to start using your five senses to hear from him. The world looks different when you believe that God is communicating with you.
  4. Is my desire to please God or myself? Some people want direction without a sense of accountability. I don’t know if God dispenses direction to people who don’t have his interests in mind. Maybe. But it seems to me that he’d be more inclined to reveal his will to people who do.
  5. What, or whom, is influencing me?  We are passionate people. It’s easy to confuse what YOU want with what God wants. You need to be careful with your tendency toward confirmation bias, meaning that we all tend to hear only what we want to hear.
  6. How does my idea fit with my personality, talents, and passions?  You are born with natural gifts and talents. God knows enough to call you to do things that work with those gifts and talents.
  7. What do older, wiser, and more experienced people think?  We are often afraid to ask for input on our ideas because we think people will discourage us from doing what we want to do. But God can use people with experience to help clarify his will, not scare us away from it.
  8. What will be the long-term impact?  The Bible says that God’s kingdom leads to righteousness, peace, and joy. What will your idea lead to in the long run?
  9. Is my idea actually something someone is coercing me to do? Sometimes people have more control over us than we care to admit. We might think that our idea is from God when in fact it’s a person who holds sway over us. Be honest with yourself.
  10. When does God want me to do this? It might be today. It might be in twenty years. Timing is everything. Immediate action and waiting both require great faith depending on the circumstances.

I purposefully made this list short and to the point. What would you add to the list? Leave your comment below.

For a fuller discussion on this topic listen to my recent message on how to find God’s will for your life.



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  1. Jenni Patnode

    Have I taken a moment out of my day and gotten rid of all of the distractions around me, so I can give God my undivided attention? Just like we give our other friends our undivided attention, God would like that same respect for him. When we do that we can focus more on the direction he is trying to give us.

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