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Fourteen Years of Rock Bottom – Chris Herren

Chris Herren Hit Rock Bottom

Chris Herren Hit Rock Bottom

You’ve heard it said that you need to hit rock bottom before you seek a change. In a recent article, Chris Herren, former NBA player, said that he had lots of “rock bottom” moments with his addiction.

In fact, he had 14 years of “rock bottom” before he finally made a change. I like this article because it models some important steps in the change process.

How to Climb Up From Rock Bottom:

  1. Hitting rock bottom. Rock bottom is when you finally see that the cost isn’t worth the benefits. Up to that point you can always say “just one more time” or “just one more day” because you always perceive a payoff. But at rock bottom there is no longer a payoff.
  2. Having a solid friend’s support. When there is no one to turn to it’s easy to give up. You only have yourself for support and that’s clearly not enough.
  3. Effective INTENSIVE treatment. Nothing dramatic or dynamic takes place casually. You don’t do great things in your spare time. Great things happen when you turn your focus and energy toward a specific purpose.
  4. A sense of purpose and giving back. When life is just about you or even your recovery it lacks something. Deep down you know that you aren’t the center of the universe. You are important but not that important. When you can put your energy into helping others, you gain purpose and a sense of meaning. You realize that you are making a contribution (finally!) and it feels good. It’s what makes you want to get up in the morning.
  5. The ability to reframe your life – Herren doesn’t play the victim or dwell on the past. He uses his past failure as a turning point for change.

Question: How did you hit rock bottom and how did it help set you on a road to recovery? Leave your comment below. It will help others to do the same!

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