Retreats and Consulting

I’m a full-time pastor but I do carve out some time to do retreats, pastoral coaching, and small church consulting to help pastors and their churches get back on track. I focus on churches of 500 or less because that is my experience and churches of this size can’t always afford a large church consultant, but still need personalized help.


Churches often need an outside perspective to see what insiders can’t see. I offer low-cost consultations through phone, email, Skype and site-visits if necessary. Some areas that often need input are:

  • Staffing and Staff Development
  • Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Preaching coaching

I offer a free 30 minute phone or Skype assessment to hear your problem, offer initial steps to take and how I might work with you.

Workshops & Retreats

Watch Remy deliver a thirty minute luncheon message here.

Loss goes hand in hand with ministry. You give up so much to serve others. But most pastors minimize these losses and slowly build up resentments that can undermine their ministry. This eventually leads to burnout while marriages slowly grow cold.

To help turn this around, I offer 1-3 day retreats, based on my book, “Out of Exile,” that help pastors and ministry couples admit and process their losses to regain their passion for ministry and marriage. A recent attender said, “Thanks. At 62 and after being in ministry for many years I still learned a lot. This was very helpful and will probably save my marriage.”

I  mix scripture, personal experience , and humor to bring the biggest impact to my audience. At the last retreat the denomination superintendent said it was “the best pastors retreat they had ever had.”

  • Cost: One day workshop: $750 plus expenses. Retreat: Two day = $1200, Three day= $1500 plus expenses.

Personal or Small Group Coaching

If you are looking for a more personal and intensive setting, I also offer three-day sessions here in the outback of Menomonie, Wisconsin for up to three pastors. This time is spent helping you process your losses and regain perspective in order to renew your ministry.

We have a nice home on the Red Cedar River for you to stay and relax. The time would be crafted to best fit your needs. Typically, half the day is spent on your own, interspersed by meeting with me.  If you aren’t up for “counseling” but want more than a workshop, this is a good option.

  • Cost: $750, includes lodging. $600 if there are two. $500 if there are three. Fly in to Minneapolis airport.

F. Remy DiederichFeedback

I’m happy to supply references. Feedback surveys typically rate my talks from 8-10 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high).  These comments are from my latest engagement:

  • Remy was a great speaker. Enjoyed the topic.
  • Invite Remy back again!
  • Really entertaining and still informative keynote on a topic that’s not spoken about often!
  • Awesome. Wish he had more time.
  • Very entertaining and enlivening.
  • Very Awesome Speaker! Loved the interaction.
  • Fun, good materials to know. 
  • Very fun. Really liked it. Wish he could’ve gone a little longer.
  • It was interesting way to address the issues we see all the time…
  • Good information, easy to listen to speaker.

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