Shame in The Lion King


In my book Healing the Hurts of Your Past  I  explore how to overcome the pain of shame.

I teach through the content of my book at least six times a year at a local treatment center. I’m always amazed at the clarity that showing clips from The Lion King movie brings to the teaching. It’s a real eye opener to people. The Lion King is a movie that most people have seen but they’ve never seen the teachable moments. Let me lay out the basics.

Shame and the Lion King:

  • The roots of Simba’s shame: the trauma he experienced seeing his father die.
  • The lies of shame: “It’s my fault” and since he felt disqualified… “I’m not the king.”
  • The fruit of believing these lies: Isolation. He ran away from his community.
  • The solution: His father told him…”Remember who you are”, that is, the king.

Remember Who You Are

We live what we believe even if what we believe is wrong. How many of us have put a limit on our success and happiness because we don’t believe we deserve it?  What if success and happiness wasn’t related to deserving it? What if success and happiness was a gift given by a loving God? If you were to believe THAT do you think things might change?

In the movie, Simba chose to believe he was the king and in remembering who he was he returned to take back the throne. The emotional high point of the story is when  he climbs Pride Rock to claim his rightful role as king.

Do you see the contrast? When he believed the lies “It’s my fault” and “I’m not the king” he lived in isolation.  When he chose to believe the truth that he was the king he BECAME the king. He fulfilled his destiny.

I wonder…what will it take to reclaim your rightful place in life? What lies are you believing that are keeping you from your God given destiny?

Question: What lies have you believed that are holding you back in life?