Sabbath and Shame in Conflict

Shame and Sabbath

Overcoming Shame and Finding Sabbath Rest

I’m doing some study on the Sabbath. God created the Sabbath to help us to stop and reflect…to enjoy all that God has given us and not continually striving for more.

It occurred to me that there is a connection between shame and not taking a Sabbath rest. Hurt/shamed people are often driven people. They seek to prove their worth,  make up for past regrets, and show that they aren’t as hopeless as they feel.

God’s Invitation to Cease Striving

In contrast to the driven life, God calls us to cease. To rest and hear his voice. Rather than chase the approval of the world he wants us to hear him speak about his unconditional love for us.  You see, you aren’t approved for what you’ve done through your striving. You are approved for who you arehis child.

God speaks in the Bible and says “Cease striving and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10.  Maybe you are afraid to cease. Maybe you are afraid to stop, rest and listen for fear of what you will hear. You are afraid you will hear a voice of judgment and condemnation. But if that’s what you hear, it’s not God.  The voice you hear might be your own voice or the voice of your parents or other people telling you to do more, work harder, make something of yourself. But it’s not God.

Sabbath Overcomes Shame

Listen harder. Listen closer. Beneath all the busyness is a voice calling you to Himself, calling you to wholeness simply by finding your identity in Him. But if you want to hear that voice then stop and listen. That’s what Sabbath is about.

Shame can undermine Sabbath. Or Sabbath can overcome shame. Which will you choose?

Question: Are you able to stop and rest in God’s presence or are you driven to prove yourself to God and others? Leave your comment below.


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