Rush Limbaugh Apology – Four keys to a good apology.

Apologies are fascinating for what it says about a person. They are meant to be an act of humility and contrition to bring about reconciliation but they are often far from it. Case in point, Rush Limbaugh‘s “apology” for calling a woman a slut and prostitute. You can read the transcript here.   What do you think?  Did it fall short?

Four components of an apology:

  1. Full admission of wrong (no hedging, minimizing, blaming others, etc.)
  2. Expression of true sorrow and remorse showing empathy for how you hurt someone.

  3. Asking forgiveness from the offended.

  4. A commitment to not re-offend.

Good apologies calm the waters. Bad ones stir them up because it is like throwing salt in the wound. A bad apology is like saying, “I really don’t get your problem. I’m just saying this to keep you and others happy.” Which of course doesn’t make anyone happy!

So what do you think? How did Rush do hitting these four points?  You might want to read his followup to the apology as well.


8 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Apology – Four keys to a good apology.

  1. Barbara Altman

    I;ve read his “apologies.” I’m more angered than ever. He simply used this occasion to promote his agenda. He did not apologize. He just restated over and over his anti-liberal stance. I have not been a fan of his and I never will be.
    Barbara altman

  2. femination

    Looks like he’s in complete denial. 45 advertisers left him, and “eveything’s cool”? The dude is a delusional hate speech machine. He speaks for the Republican establishment, and people need to realize that. Thanks for linking!

  3. Jeremy Burns

    Okay. Here we go.

    I heard the live programming when these comments were made. El Rusbo was discussing Sandra Fluke’s testimony before a House Committee regarding the contraception coverage mandate in ObamaCare. During the monologue, he was using her own testimony to make the point that she was asking for someone else to pay for her own birthcontrol because her sexual frequency was such that it was too expensive for her to afford the birth control. He commented that she is a 30 year old law student at Georgetown Law School; a known Catholic Institution with an insurance policy in place when she chose to enroll. Rush proceeded to comment that she is essentially asking to be paid a large benefit in order that she can have unlimited sex. Which, in his normal delivery of illustrating absurdity by being absurd, he went on to comment about what society calls someone who gets paid to have sex, a “slut” or “prostitute”.

    Then on Monday, I heard the live on-air apology at the beginning of his radio program. There was clear sincerity in his apology to Ms. Fluke. He also took time to apologize to his audience for resorting to personally hurtful name calling. Apology components 1, 2, and 4 were definitely present. Regarding #3, I do not remember if he asked for forgiveness.

    Postscript: When picking a controversial example, I think you must give full context to the comments and the apology.

    *Can’t tell I live and breath this stuff can you 🙂

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