Perfectionism and Depression

Taylor Bucholz was a major league pitcher who had to quit due to his depression and perfectionism. From the article in the Delaware County Daily Times it says…

Perfectionism and Depression

Perfectionism and Depression

For much of the past two years, he has put up a false front. A façade of a happy-go-lucky major league relief pitcher who loved the sport he had played since he was a 5-year-old in the Springfield Athletic Association.

“It was all a big lie,” Buchholz said. “I put this fake smile on and pretended everything was all right until I finally just cracked and said, ‘I need to get help.’ I hit a wall. There was something truly wrong with me.”

Buchholz, 30, has been diagnosed with a form of depression. He also suffers from an anxiety disorder.

Both issues manifested into a perfect storm for Buchholz, a perfectionist who was recovering from a long-term injury.

“Being a perfectionist is a double-edged sword,” said Buchholz, a Daily Times Player of the Year as a Springfield High senior in 2000. “You have to be one, to an extent, to succeed on that level. But I let that take over. Perfectionism led to a downward spiral for me.”

Perfectionism’s Downward Spiral

Has perfectionism led to a downward spiral for you?  Are you afraid of not measuring up? Are you afraid of being as good as yesterday’s performance followed by a crushing depression and then anger at yourself for not coming through? And what about the weight of living the  lie that Bucholz talked about? Is that true for you too?

What would life be like if you could come out from under the weight of those expectations? That’s what God offers you; the ability to walk away from that load. When you are convinced of your worth in God’s eyes you no longer have to live under that burden. You are accepted.  You aren’t a disappointment. You are your Father’s child and no one can take that away from you. This sense of acceptance is what releases you from the weight of perfectionism.

Question: How has perfectionism led to a downward spiral for you? Leave your comment below.

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      Thanks Mollie. That’s the idea…point out the problems that we all see but not just keep talking about the problem, blah, blah…but challenge folks to take a positive step to change with God’s help. Thanks for taking a second to reply with a good word!


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