Media Interviews

Following are some interviews I’ve done regarding my books.

Moody Radio: Up for Debate with Julie RoyesST_UpforDebate

A debate on whether forgiveness for others should be based on conditions or unconditional. Listen to it here.

NBC/ Rockford, Illinois with Jeannie Hayes

  • Part Two: The Solution to Our Hurts (this segment does a great job of getting to the heart of what it takes to find healing for the hurts of your past)

3 thoughts on “Media Interviews

  1. Anna


    THANK YOU. Thank you a million times. You have given us invaluable language to understand what we’ve been through. My husband and I are about 6 months out of an abusive church that we spent more than 10 years in. I always had a feeling that something wasn’t right with the pastor, but I figured that it was none of my business and I just needed to stay positive and trust that the leadership knew what they were doing. That is, until I brought up a concern to the pastor and he turned on me. He lashed out in anger and questioned my loyalty to him, I was accused of calling him a heretic, my access to the church was shut off (I was on staff) and other staff refused to let me in. The pastor told blatant lies about me and other people defended him to great lengths. I apologized for any hurt I had caused. It made no impact. I confessed sin thinking that being completely vulnerable and transparent would soften the pastor’s anger towards me. I was told my confession wasn’t good enough. Then, when my husband decided that it was time for us to walk away, we were labeled as rebellious and disrespectful. We were told that we were walking out from God’s will and that we clearly had a “plank in our eye” because we were upset about the situation. “Forgiveness” and “submission” were pushed on me so hard by other staff, yet they never questioned the pastor’s outburst of anger towards me or his dysfunctional communication through all of this. I have never felt so much confusion in my life, which was also used against me. It’s been such a traumatic experience for me. The first couple of months after we left felt completely impossible…. Impossible to trust. Impossible to forgive. Impossible to move forward. Impossible to live. But reading material like yours and hearing other people’s experiences has helped us get past the initial shock of our experience. You’ve provided language and insight that I never would have known otherwise. It’s been invaluable and has taken (most of) the sting out of the wound.
    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s so helpful! I’ve been surprised to find out how many peopl have been through this kind of situation. It’s not ok and more people need to speak up about it.

    Blessings to you!


    1. Anna

      Lol… I didn’t mean to leave this comment on “Media Interviews.” Just wanted to contact you and say thanks! 😄

    2. F. Remy Diederich

      Great to hear from you Anna, even on the media page! I’m glad my book gave voice to your thoughts and feelings. I appreciate you letting me know. It makes me glad I took the time to write the book! – Remy


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