Let Frustration Move You to Action

In my book STUCK, I mention how some people use the word “frustration” in place of the word “anger”.  While I believe it’s important to not minimize anger by calling it frustration, I also think that frustration is a separate emotion. frustration

The Feeling of Frustration

Frustration is that unsettled feeling you get when you don’t quite know what’s wrong.  You experience an internal dissonance. Frustration is a generic discomfort while anger is more specific: you tend to know why you are angry.  That’s not always true with frustration.

When I’m frustrated, I’m uneasy. I might be confused or mildly depressed. I generally don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve noticed that I can be frustrated for a few days. Usually by the third day I catch myself being frustrated and then the bell goes off: Hey, Remy. You are frustrated. How long are you going to stay like this? You know what to do!

Step One: What’s the Expectation?

Frustration is a feeling of being stuck. When I’m in that place I force myself to think through what it is that’s not working.  As I point out in STUCK, life has a lot to do with how we deal with our expectations.  When you want to achieve something but feel thwarted, that leads to frustration.

For example, I typically feel frustrated when I have a goal that’s not being met.  Let’s say a project is delayed.  At first I’m in denial. I try to bury my frustration, i.e. forget about it, ignore it, act like I don’t care, or it’s not a big deal, etc.  But the frustration tells me that it’s not really buried or that I buried something alive!

If I want to move out of my frustration and resolve the tension, I need to first identify what the expectation is that I’m not achieving.  What is the loss I’m experiencing?  Once I discover the expectation, I usually know what it will take to break out of emotional lethargy and get back on task.

Step Two: Develop a Plan of Action

Feeling frustrated is really a call to action. My mind is telling me that something is not right. Something needs to be done!  I need to come up with a plan of action. Usually it involves going to talk to someone. That’s often where things break down. Some other person isn’t tracking with me.  So I sit around hoping the problem will resolve itself. It never does. That’s where the frustration comes in.

Step Three: Take Action

If I want things to change I have to act.  It’s really that simple.  I go through this cycle all the time.  It’s amazing how quickly my frustration clears once I develop my plan and act on it.  I often wonder why I took so long to take action.

The bottom line is, if you are stuck in frustration, you are suffering a loss. You are not achieving an expectation.  If you want to break out of your frustration and achieve your goal you need to come up with a plan of action and then execute it. When you do, the frustration will leave and you can move on with your life.

Question: What is something in your life that’s frustrating you? What action can you take to get your life back on track?  Leave your comment below.

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