Laptop Shooting – Good Parenting?

26 million people have watched a dad fire nine bullets into his teenage daughter’s laptop because she ranted about her parents online. Read about it here.

The only thing that scares me more than this dad is the positive response he’s getting from other parents.   I liked what one psychotherapist said in the article…

Carleton Kendrick, 65, a Mills, Mass., psychotherapist and father of two, said he found it troubling the video was resonating with so many people and called Jordan’s actions “frightening and humiliating.” “What’s next from this guy, filming himself burning all his daughter’s clothes in a pile on his lawn because she dressed in a manner he considered too provocative?” Kendrick asked. (USA TODAY, 2.18.12)

Do you think there might be a connection between her rant and his shooting?

I’m writing to point out that this isn’t funny. This isn’t rational. This isn’t a good idea.  Too bad I even have to say this but that’s how far we’ve drifted.

Maybe part of the dad’s rage is his own sense of having lost control. He’s mad at himself for sleeping for 15 years when he should have been parenting.

Now, if I can get personal…who or what sets you off? Could it be that you aren’t mad AT someone or something as much as you are mad at yourself? Something to consider.


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