Jesus Dealt With Your Past

Jesus Dealt With Your Past

Jesus Dealt With Your Past

This continues my series on how God’s forgiveness helps you deal with your past.

God understands that until you deal with your past you’ll never have a future.  The problem is, we can’t do anything about our past. There’s no going back. That’s why Jesus dealt with your past for you. The Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews that Jesus… 

… appeared once for all … to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself. Hebrews 9:26

To “do away” with your sin means that Jesus pulled the plug on the power of sin. It means that his death eliminated the effect of sin on your life.  So your past doesn’t have any power over you and your future carries the hope of a new life.

Now, you might still have to pay the consequences of your sin in this world. If you are in debt $100K you still need to pay that back. But God’s not holding your sin against you. He’s not trying to sabotage your life to get back at you. On the contrary, like the woman caught in adultery, He offers you a new life. And if you are in debt he’ll help you get out of debt.

Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future

You might say, “Remy, you don’t understand. It’s too late for me. I messed up so bad. I will never be who God wanted me to be.  I’m sure I’m the last person God wants to on his side.”

You are thinking too small. You think that God only has one plan for your life and you blew it. You are thinking that there is only Plan A and if you mess up Plan A that there’s no Plan B. Let me tell you… when you mess up, God has Plan B waiting. And when you mess up plan B, Plan C is next.

You might be living Plan Z right now and you think for sure that you’ve run out of options. You feel like you are pushing your luck with God, that God’s fed up with you and ready to wash his hands of you. But guess what?  God has whole other alphabets for you!

So don’t give up on yourself. God hasn’t.

Question: What makes you think your past has ruined your future? Leave your comment below and consider “sharing the knowledge” with others.

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