Inner Healing Starts with the Starter Kit

Inner healing happens when God touches your emotions and heals a past hurt. It’s been exciting to hear back from people who have used my book, Healing the Hurts of Your Past, to find inner healing. Here’s what one reader said…

I loved reading your book a few weeks ago!  It really cleared things up for me even though I thought all possible things I could do about my history were done… (Psychotherapy, Counseling…). It was such a big help for me to see things in a clearly defined biblical connection as well! God really touched me through you and lots of things are being restored in my heart even still. I was suffering from PTSD and autoimmune disorders and depression since I was a little kid. But God helped me through all the years so I could live a `normal` life, heal more and more and I am now happily married (for the first time) … I am so grateful for all of that! 

Inner Healing starts with the Starter Kit

It’s great to hear this kind of response but what really excites me is how people are starting to use the book to go beyond themselves and share inner healing in a small group study. My publisher (Crosspoint Publishing) wants to help make this happen so they have put together a nice “kit” for only $49.95. (Total value = $144.50).

With this kit you get:

Starter Kit only $49.95
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  • Five copies of Healing the Hurts of Your Past – the book. ($49.75 value)
  • A downloadable PDF version of the book Study Guide which you can reproduce for your group. ($4.95 value)
  • The six part mp3 Downloads Remy’s Radio Small Group Study. ($29.95 value)

Right now Crosspoint is offering three free bonus gifts for a limited time:

  1. The kindle version of Healing the Hurts of Your Past ($6.95 value).
  2. The audio seminar version of Healing the Hurts of Your Past ($49.95 value).
  3. The new e-book, “FORGIVEN…once and for all”. ($4.95 value).
 TOTAL VALUE = $144.50.  All of this for $49.95.  Click here to learn more or place an order.

You don’t have to wait for your church to start an inner healing ministry. Start it this summer with this Starter Kit!

Let me know if you start a group. I’d love to hear about it!

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