Healing the Hurts of Your Past

Healing the Hurts of Your Past Free Book Offer

God created you to live life to the fullest, but sometimes that’s not possible. Sometimes past hurts and current habits keep you from the life God has for you.

In Healing the Hurts of Your Past, F. Remy Diederich addresses our hurts and habits, helping us understand them and then how to get free of them through the power of God’s love. For a limited time this book is available for a free download. Feel free to not only download it for yourself but share it with a friend!

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For your convenience, I have set up two options for you to download my free e-book.

  1. Nearly every computer, smart phone and tablet can read a PDF file and so I have placed that as the first downloading option. Download the PDF Version Here!
  2. The second downloading option is for the Kindle version of Out of Exile. Because every Kindle reading device has different ways of side loading a program, I suggest you download this file on your desktop first and then consult your devices instruction manual as to how to load your Kindle book onto your Kindle reader. Download the Kindle File Here!