Healing the Hurts of Your Past

I believe that words are powerful. Words can change lives if they are understood and internalized. Occasionally my words have caused people to change their lives and they will write to tell me. Nothing is more rewarding than when that happens.

That happened today when someone wrote back to me after reading the book: Healing the Hurts of Your Past.  I want to share with you what was said in case you know someone who might be looking to find some freedom in their life:

I have just finished reading your book “Healing the Healing Promo Image 2Hurts of Your Past”. On Monday 18th May I asked God for help. All sorts of bad stuff had come back over the past two years from ages ago to haunt me and make me miserable.

After I don’t know how much medicine, appointments with the psychologist, arguments with my nearest and dearest and so on I was at the end of my tether because it just would not get better. I asked God simply, “please help me”. I bought your book on Kindle a short while later. I have never believed in coincidences!

By Tuesday I had read about a third of your book and I felt so much better. By Wednesday I was pretty much cured. I have just finished it. (I hope that this feeling of liberation and joy stays with me – I will do my best to try to make sure that it does by following the suggestions in your book!).

Thank you so much for writing the book. I asked God for help and He pointed me in your direction. I am at ease with myself again. I am in your debt sir.

I’m guessing that this person’s feeling of being “cured” is an overstatement, but I’m glad my words helped send them in the right direction. Healing is usually a process, not an event. Is there someone you know that needs to read this book?

If you’ve read this book, or one of my other books, I’d love to hear back from you too!