Free Sermon Series for Pastors

I hate to spend so much time on a good sermons series and  then it’s never heard from again. It would make me happy to know that my thoughts are still helping someone, somewhere. So you are welcome to download these free sermon series and adapt them in any way you would like for your church. If you want to give me credit, that’s up to you. I really don’t care. I’ll never know!

You can listen to the messages at

1. Return From Exilefree sermon series

This free sermon series looks at how to overcome loss, failures, and personal setbacks using the metaphor of exile. It’s based on my book by the same name. I preached the series leading up to Easter but it works whenever you want to use it.

  • Part One: Laid Bare
  • Part Two: How to Return from Exile
  • Good Friday: Called to Exile
  • Part Four: The Way of Brokenness

Download the Return From Exile Series here.

2. Preventing & Overcoming RelationSLIPS:

This free sermon series looks at the value of relationships and free sermon seriesthen gives practical ideas how to improve your relationships. These messages are expanded in more detail in my books STUCK, and Healing the Hurts of Your Past. Consider offering them as additional resources to your sermon series. Download below for free.

  • Part One: A More Excellent Way – an introduction to the value of relationships.
  • Part Two: Love Like Jesus Loved. This sets the gold standard. In order to love like Jesus loved we need to die to our natural tendencies and allow God’s Spirit to fill us.
  • Part Three: Do You Know Who You Are? You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. Healthy relationships start with a strong identity with Jesus Christ.
  • Part Four: When You Accuse You Lose. Be careful picking the speck out the other person’s eye.
  • Part Five: Good Boundaries Prevent RelationSlips. Are boundaries biblical? This message gives examples of why setting boundaries makes for healthy relationships.
  • Part Six: Crucial Conversations. This gives a step by step approach to reconciling a broken relationship.
  • Part Seven: Helping the Hurting. Wisdom tells us that there are some things you just shouldn’t say to hurting people. A caregivers guide to encouraging the hurting.

Download RelationSLIPS series here.

3. Restoring the Awe:

It’s pretty easy to see that the church has lost its awe of free sermon seriesGod. We’ve reduced God’s word to a self-help manual rather than a guide to worshipping the Holy One.

In this free sermon series, I attempt to help us grasp the holiness of God.

  • Part One: Making God’s Name Holy. A look at Jesus’ opening words to his model prayer for us. (Sten Carlson)
  • Part Two: Stop and Be Amazed! If God stopped to reflect on the glory of creation (The Sabbath) then shouldn’t we?
  • Part Three: Take Off your Sandals. God’s call to Moses and how it relates to us today.
  • Part Four: Dirty Little Secrets. A look at what no one wants to talk about: God killing people in the Old Testament. How can this be?
  • Part Five: Who Me? Hebrews 10 tells us that we’ve been made perfect in God’s eyes. What does that mean for our lives today?
  • Part Six: From Brokenness to Mission. A look at Isaiah’s transforming vision of God. How God’s holiness inspired a broken man to dedicate himself fully to God.

Download Restoring the Awe here.

Feel free to share these free sermon series with others. 

4. The Shack (seven part series) 

I take a positive approach on the book seeing it as a great way for people to talk about an invisible God.

Download the FREE Shack sermon series here.