Five Words of Advice to 20 Something Singles

adviceLast week I posted My Advice to 30-Something Couples; one of my most
read posts. So today I’m offering a sequel (or maybe it’s a prequel) with five words of advice for 20-something singles. I hope you find it helpful.

My Five Words of Advice

  1. Be adventurous. There are two seasons of life where you have the best opportunity to be adventurous: in your twenties and in retirement. When do you think you’ll have more fun? Exactly. In your twenties you have little to lose. In retirement, a lot. And honestly, not everyone lives to retirement. So seize the moment.
  1. Don’t compare. Easier said than done. When “all” your friends are getting married, or having kids, or scoring a job with Google, etc. while you are still delivering pizzas and living with your parents, it’s hard not to compare. Just remember: it’s not a race. You aren’t in competition. You are an individual. You need to find out who you are and how God wired you and live YOUR life.

What good is it to marry quickly if it’s to the wrong person? What good is making six figures if you hate your job? Find the path that God has for you and then learn to trust his timetable for your life.

  1. Be proactive. Since people are getting married later in life, there is a tendency to stay in an adolescent mindset through your twenties, especially for men. Don’t waste these years. Yes, be adventurous, and no, don’t compare, but set goals for education, a career, and your relationships. Then pursue them.

Think ahead to where you want to be when you are 35 or 40 and beyond, then work backwards. What needs to happen in your twenties to reach your goals? Too many people let life drift by only to realize they wasted an entire decade. It’s hard playing catch-up.

  1. Set moral boundaries. I know. What a killjoy. But think of a ball game that has no rules or boundaries. The freedom might be stimulating at first but eventually the game loses it’s meaning. What’s the point? What’s accomplished? There is a reason games have rules and boundaries.

As a pastor people often come to me when the wheels fall off their lives. They tell me what they may not tell others: that their unbridled freedom led to regret. Many things can’t be undone: bad choices in your twenties can stay with you forever. Investing in a moral compass early on will pay dividends throughout your entire life.

  1. Serve others. I’ll let you in on something some people never discover: your greatest satisfaction in life will been in serving others. Seriously. It’s a well-kept secret. But trust me, if you develop a habit of serving in your twenties your life will be so much more fulfilling and you’ll meet some amazing people along the way. You might even become an inspiration to someone else!

Enjoy! You have so much ahead of you! Don’t waste a day!

If you’ve lived through your twenties, what advice would you add to this list? Please write it below and click a “share” button if you found this helpful. Thanks.