Five Reasons People Crash and Burn

crash and burn

Five Reasons People Crash and Burn

A “crash and burn” is when someone self-destructs. We’ve all seen it. Some of us have done it. Why do people crash and burn? There are many reasons. I’ll just give you five.

1. Greed. Some people just take what they want and don’t care about the consequences. They live in the moment. If some is good then more is better. It’s not any deeper than that. Eventually their greed consumes them. The Bible speaks to greedy leaders…

Your rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; the widow’s case does not come before them. Isaiah 1:23

2. Pride. Pride typically works with greed.  For some reason greedy people feel entitled to get take what they want because they think they deserve it.  They think they are better than others and for the same reason they don’t think they will face the same consequences as other people.  They overreach and when they do…they fall.

3. No self-control. Some people can’t say no to themselves. They’re not greedy or prideful. They want to stop the madness but they can’t. At least they don’t think they can. They feel helpless against temptation.  I was in the hospital the other day with someone like this. They are slowly killing themselves with an addiction but they feel powerless to change.

4. Shame. These people feel so bad about themselves – so worthless – that they don’t think they deserve to live a better life so they self-destruct.  It’s like they sabotage their lives on purpose as a way to punish themselves for not being good enough. To crash and burn is their idea of justice for being “less than” others.

5. Feeling trapped. These people get pulled down by the people around them.  If it was left to them they would change but destructive people control them. They are victims of a dysfunctional system that sucks them into a vortex of destruction and they crash and burn along with everyone else.

Your life might be surrounded by people like this and have wondered why. What’s the answer? It starts by taking the focus off yourself. Each of the five problems is focused on self, either in an inflated or deflated way. We weren’t made to have our lives revolve around ourselves. We were made to revolve around God…to put him first.

Whether you are trying to recover from a crash and burn or prevent one, putting God first is a good place to start. I’ll share more practical steps in my next post.

Question: What are other reasons you think people crash and burn? Leave your comment below and “share the knowledge”. Thanks.

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  1. Anonymous

    For me, I seem to set unrealistic goals and then push myself to complete the task I created. I started a garden, a habitat of sorts and was led to believe I would have all kinds of help. Only one person helps. I have to finish this as it is part of my landlords property but I find I am less enthusiastic each day I work on it. Thinking I might crash and burn totally if I do not get this done soon. PS I am not getting paid for this and my original intent was just to leave a positive impact in some way. Ironic isn’t it?

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