Finding Your Significance in God’s Love

In my last post I looked at the fear of insignificance. I quoted the Bible verse that tells us how God’s perfect love drives out fear and gives us significance. I want to add more to that thought today.

Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

Another verse that helps me understand the unconditional nature of God’s love is ths:

God chose us in Christ before the creation of the world …he predestined us to be adopted as his children…Ephesians 1:4,5

I love this verse because it tells me that God didn’t choose me based on my performance. He fear of insignificancechose me before I had a chance to do good or bad.

If you are a parent, you can appreciate this. Think about it: when did you first love your child? Did you wait to see how they looked? Did you wait to see if they did their homework or mowed the lawn? I mean, if you wait until your kids live up to your expectations before you love them…you may never love them!

No, you loved them before they had a chance to perform, right?  You loved them just because they came from your own body. You didn’t love them because of their great significance. They were significant to your just because they were yours. In other words…their significance didn’t come from WHO they were (great performers) but WHOSE they were (yours). 

God doesn’t love you because you were important. You’re important because God loves you.

That’s what God is saying in the verse above. God didn’t choose you based on your qualifications, or resume, or spirituality, or looks, or family. He chose you unconditionally…simply because he loves you.  God doesn’t love you because you were important. You’re important because God loves you.

Adopted by God

Look at this verse again. The word “adopted” is a great metaphor.  I’m told that when you seek to adopt you can tell the agency some general characteristics that you are willing to accept. For example, you can ask for a certain age or race or level of disabilities. Or you can say, “I’ll take any child you give me.”  You accept them without condition. That’s what God did with us. It’s like God said, You don’t have to show me their file. I don’t care about what they have or haven’t done; history, blood lines, challenges. I accept them and love them just the way they are. 

Whatever it is you fear, no matter how insignificant you feel, God loves you and he’s with you. This seems so simple to me but it’s fundamental to overcoming your fear.  You have to know this and be convinced of this. Your significance doesn’t come from impressing people with your Italian jeans or your new car. Your significance comes from being loved by God. You need to rest in that. Saturate yourself in the knowledge of God’s love and let it push out every drop of fear from your heart.

The key to our acceptance comes in the brief phrase “in Christ.” To learn more about that read or listen to the full message, Facing the Fear of Insignificance by clicking the link.


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  1. Nia

    Thank you. This is what I have been starting to realize more and more, i.e. God’s unconditional love no matter who or what we are, although sometimes I think I forget.

    I have been trying to get closer to God, but am struggling with a few issues. Would it be ok if I asked you a few questions either via e-mail or on the public blog if that is preferable to you?

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