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Welcome to my site! I offer practical advice grounded in both personal experience and biblical truth. I don’t discuss theory. And this isn’t where I do deep biblical teaching. My goal is to offer advice and thoughts on timely topics related to faith and church and emotional health.

People tell me I’m a “no-nonsense, straight-shooter.” I think they are probably right! If you have a topic you’d like me to address, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

In addition to this blog, I’ve written six books:

I also offer retreats to encourage pastors. Click the link to learn about them.

A little bit about myself

I grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota where I met my wife. We became followers of Jesus in college. After a number of bad church experiences we rejected the institutional church and moved into a community of other Christians in rural Wisconsin. But that had its problems too. So we reentered the church and decided to quit complaining and become a part of the solution.

I am the founding and lead pastor at Cedarbrook Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin and currently serving as their teaching pastor.  I consult at Arbor Place Treatment Center and I coach pastors in the Evangelical Covenant Church.  I’m married with three adult children.

I welcome your comments and questions below.

F. Remy Diederich

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  1. Kathy Matti

    Dear Mr. Diederich,
    About 4 years ago I attended a group on “Healing the Hurts of Your Past” that was given by a Church Elder in the church I attended. It was awesome, it completely changed my life around. I am a recovering addict and alcoholic with a pretty shady past. Getting rid of that shame has made me into the Christian that I am today. Since than I have shared my testimony speaking to different groups. Including the “Healing the Hurts of Your past” group after I finished it. I also do volunteer work at a Womens Shelter in my area. We have a group once a week and talk about many different issues that these women are facing that God has gotten me through. I would like to possibly try doing a one day seminar type thing with your book. However I know when I took the class the man who gave it was able to order different types of tapes along with the book and a workbook.
    I guess my first question is, even though I am not a Pastor could I give this group? I know that I cannot duplicate the workbook that I have from back than without your approval so I want to ask that first. Also, do you still sell the workbook and the tapes? I think that would be easier than trying to copy it.
    I think the work you are doing is wonderful. The world really does need more Pastors like you. So many times Pastors tend to be very theological. Which is great, that is part of the training I am sure. But to relate to people today and be able to help them, we need the emotional and spiritual aspect.
    Thank you for your time and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
    God Bless

    1. F. Remy Diederich

      You must be from the church in Big Lake, MN? Great to hear of the impact the material had on your life. Thanks for the thanks!

      The cd’s you listened to are no longer available but the book has been recorded as an audiobook that you can purchase on Amazon.com. I give you permission to use my material as long as you don’t take credit for it or tell people that you represent me in any way. It’s your story, so I’m glad you want to tell it! I don’t need money, I’m just happy to hear God used me to help you. But please keep me posted on how things go!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Remy: You have helped me a lot; I have read “Stuck,” “Return from Exile,” and am almost finished with “Healing the Hurts of Your Past.” My retirement and divorce came within 4 months of each other, and I have been in a period of “seeking.” The metaphor of “exile” so perfectly expressed what I have been feeling…and was very healing, and I so thank you. You do have a unique gift for communicating with directness to your readers. In your writing I sense your very sincere (and successful!) efforts to lift us up.

    I am a (retired) Registered Nurse who has also done casework in a half-way house for convicted drug offenders in Washington, D.C. I mention this in relation to my comment below: in regards to the use of therapy dogs as described in Chapter 25 of HTHOYP:

    I think the inclusion of the remark about “treatment” being preferable to the “crutch” of a dog demeans both patients and dogs while “elevating” the psychiatrist. As a nurse I worked with all kinds of mental health professionals and therapists (and have experience with therapy dogs used in a clinical setting). This remark on the part of the (unnamed) psychiatrist in Chapter 25 smacks of the arrogance I have sadly encountered in 25 years of professional nursing, much of it on the part of psychiatrists whose main “treatment” consists of pharmaceuticals.

    The benefits of therapy dogs are well researched and widely documented. I think the inclusion in HTHOYP of the “diss” against therapy dogs, or the implication that they are a “crutch” is completely out of sync with the entire tone of the book and worse, has the potential to inflict emotional harm.

    I do not know what “treatment” the doctor was referring to. But if you are crippled, and someone kicks the crutch out from under you because a shiny new wheelchair waits for you several yards away and because they know that wheelchair will take you farther and further than your crutch will, you are going to hit the pavement hard, and it is going to hurt.You may never get up again.

    I thank you over and over again for your books. I hope someday you will write a book on marital infidelity. The bible speaks out so strongly against Divorce, and having experienced it first hand, it is devastating. There is nothing more degrading than being put aside by the person who vowed before God they would cherish you until death. I am 68, and the challenge (thank you very much Remy) is to “reframe the identity” (Gee-where did I hear that before?) True, there is so much written about it, but nobody could do it with your directness, skill and compassion.

    Kindest Regards, Lynda

    1. F. Remy Diederich

      I feel terrible that I just saw this comment now. I apologize for being so slow to reply. I am glad you have appreciated my books. I apologize for the offensive quote about therapy dogs. If I had it to do over, I’d remove that quote. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

  3. Sandy

    I am a born again Christian. My sister-in-law has some form of bipolar and is very manic. She calls and talks 3 to 4 hours, changing the topics constantly. She said I was going to hell because even though I have forgiven my mother for having affairs on my father and walking out on him when I was 9 months pregnant I still suffer from the loss of her being absent as a grandmother to my daughter and mother to myself and my two brothers. My younger brother died one year after she left my dad.

    My mother and I talked and asked for each other’s forgiveness prior to her death at age 66.
    My sister-in-law claims to see angels, people in heaven and that Christ talks to her. She tells me

  4. Tianna Richards

    Hi. I want to speak through email. I’ll make mine available and I hope that u’ll get back to me.

  5. Joseph

    Hi Remy
    How are you?

    I would like to ask about tithe, is tithe only meant for the Israelites and not gentiles ? and why do so many Pentecostal churches teach that everyone needs to tithe ?


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