Out of Exile: A Forty Day Journey from Setback to Comeback

out of exile

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Out of Exile

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When pastors respond to God’s call, most think they will save the world, but too often they end up on the backside of a desert, what the Bible refers to as "exile." That’s not the worst thing. In many ways, exile is a rite of passage: a preparation for ministry to come. But too often pastors get stuck in exile. Rather than being a time of spiritual growth and intimacy with God, it becomes a time of disillusionment and despair, with no clue how to reclaim their lives or ministry. It doesn't have to be that way.

In Out of Exile, F. Remy Diederich looks at the losses all pastors face in ministry, how the losses create a feeling of “exile,” and then shows how to return from that place. It is set up as a 40-day devotional journey: short essays followed by questions to help you move through your time of loss to a place of restoration and renewal. If you have suffered a significant life or ministry setback this book might be what God uses to help you make a comeback. If you've given up hope, let God use this book to breath life back into you.

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Here's What Readers are Saying About Out of Exile:

"This is a book every pastor and church leader should read whether they find themselves in exile at this time or as preparation for those seasons in life that inevitably come. This is also a great resource for those who work with others who are looking for answers in the midst of desert times in their life."

"As someone who knows quite personally the pain of exile, I found this book to be exactly the gentle salve I needed. I stumbled upon Diederich's writing quite accidentally, but it was the best accident I've ever experienced. His writings offered deeply biblical perspective for overcoming the ministry hurts I'd experienced, and renewed my perspective on how God might orchestrate a comeback from a wilderness wandering."

"Out of Exile is a one-of-a-kind treasure for pastors! And it is urgently needed. This book has given words and meaning to the feelings and emotions of being in exile. It is a clear and practical guide in and out of exile. I've learned that what may appear like failure in the world's eyes is not failure to God at all, but rather the gracious hand of God at work answering prayers for deeper faith, trust, and dependence on Him."

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