Out of Exile: Day 30 – Admit

Today is Day 30 on our 40 day journey in and out of exile. I’m currently helping you see what it takes to return from exile.

So far I said it helps to have a name for what your are experiencing: exile, more commonly called “loss.”  And that means you need to grieve the loss, a step many people skip and pay the price for it.

Then on Day 29 I said you need to learn to be silent and listen. Make space in your life to see what God wants to show you about your life and hear what he has to say.

Now today, let’s talk about admitting.  When God shows you who you really are, you need to admit it. Ouch. That’s not fun. We put so much energy into NOT going there.

Some of us spend our entire lives ignoring what is plain to everyone else that meets us. Isn’t that true?  Someone can meet us and, in just a matter of minutes, discern a character defect that we defended, excused, or ignored for decades. Why is it so hard to admit what is so plain to others? 

 Someone can meet us and, in just a matter of minutes, discern a character defect that we defended, excused, or ignored for decades. 

A few months back I was preparing my Sunday message and I wrote in the text that “I’m a bit of a workaholic.” I was going to laugh when I said it, a little chuckle to show my guilty pleasure of nursing a habit that I know is wrong, yet prized in our culture.

But God convicted me that I was making light of a problem that I have always had. I’m not a “bit” of a workaholic. I’m a workaholic, in recovery just like any addict. Either it’s wrong or it’s not. I can’t cover it with a knowing laugh and hope people look the other way.  But that’s what we do isn’t it?  Rather than change, we put all kinds of defense mechanisms in place.

When God apprehended the apostle Paul and struck him with blindness, his quick response was:  “What would you have me to do?”  He immediately recognized that his blindness was an exile given by God to reveal to him what he was unwilling to see on his own.

In the same way, the story of Samson tells how he lived his whole life blind to his selfishness and greed until the Philistines burned his eyes out of his sockets. Only then did he begin to see what had been wrong with him his entire life.

My guess is you actually know what is wrong. You just haven’t been willing to admit it. If you truly can’t see, you might want to invite trusted people to give you anonymous feedback to help you. Either way, if you want to find the way out of exile, you need to admit what’s wrong.

What keeps you from admitting your character defects? What can you do to help fully admit them and begin the healing process? Leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Out of Exile: Day 30 – Admit

  1. Gene Hays

    OK Remy, I’ll bite. Of course I do realize that I have a flaw or two (or more). You are one of those trusted people in my life that I would be willing to receive feedback from. My guess is that you may see things that I cannot see.

  2. Lisa

    Hi I’m lisa and I’m a recovering pagan, heathen reprobate. 22 years ago, I chose Jesus as my Savior. What kept me from confessing sin initially was ignorance. I had to renounce the standard that my parent’s used as well as my own in order to know what pleased God. When I chose to measure my life using God’s word as a standard (John 12:48-50) that’s when the proverbial scrub down began and healing started for me.

    In reflection, I think pride and fear were also a pretty lethal combination preventing the healing process. Sins just have to be dragged out into His Light in order to be healed and it starts with confessing/admitting. Sins and weakness are not interchangeable words in my opinion. Sins do need a washing in the blood (Rev. 1:5, Acts 2, 1 John 1:8-10)Yes, I do believe baptism is necessary for salvation. 🙂 What I like about Jesus is there is always a remarkable flip in the story that starts with a trusting faith, godly sorrow and that baby step of confession. Have you seen the cardboard testimonies? There is plenty out there on the internet…..the first one on this video caught my attention. If it’s too long, scroll over to 7:19 for the conclusion. http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=KWDD7LNX

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