Three Keys to Create a Better Story for Your Life

Think of your life as a book.  If  you read  the story of your life, would it keep your interest? Would you put it down? Or would you read it in one setting?

If you don’t like your story… change it! You’ve got more control over it than you think you do. Great stories come from great choices…and great choices tackle conflict, they don’t avoid it.


Too many of us are passive about our story. We let everyone else write it and then we lament what’s been done to us. Take back your story.  The only people writing it should be you, those you invite to write part of to your story and God.

If you want to write a better story then consider these three elements:

1. Take the pen away from people whom you don’t want to write your story.  Consider the “chapters” that have already been written in your “book”.  Who wrote those chapters? How much did you have to do with what was written? Have you turned your life over to “ghost” writers?  Your story is written every day. Make sure that YOU control it as much as possible. (There are life events beyond your control (tornadoes, cancer, etc.)

2. Give the pen to wise and loving people who care about you and add value to your story. This includes God.   These people are out there. Maybe you just haven’t met them yet. Go find them. And God? He’s been waiting for you to ask him into your book. He writes great stories! The Bible has a few examples that you might want to read about.

3. Face conflict. Don’t avoid it.  Good stories are about people who face a challenge and overcome it, not run away from it.  Look back at your life. How much of it has to do with avoiding conflict?  If you fail let that be just one chapter. The next “chapter” should be about how you tried again. Failure should lead to greater insight and/or greater determination to succeed the next time. Great stories are about overcoming conflict not being overcome by it.

I’ve taught these things for a few years so I was intrigued to learn that Donald Miller has taken this thought to a whole new level. Miller is an author who offers a conference on writing a compelling story for your life. Check out his video below. If you can’t afford the conference the video alone will make you think about the book that you are writing. I also added a post from his blog site below that might interest you. It gives a good overview of what Miller is trying to get us to realize about writing better stories. And if you want MORE then check out his book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”. 

You can have a better story. What if you started writing it…today?

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