Connecting the Dots of Your Past

Do you wonder if you can ever get beyond the pain of your past?

People don’t always give themselves much credit.  They see dysfunction in their life and assume it’s for life: they are deficient by nature and will never get any better. There are haves and have nots in the world and they conclude that they  are one of the have nots.

Does that describe you? Then you suffer from shame.  We all have it to some degree.  But if you look deeper…if you connect the dots in your past…you’ll see that you aren’t “just messed up”.  There is a theme. There is cause and effect.  And once you see that then you won’t feel like such a misfit.  It breeds hope.

The Lies of Shame

Shame has to do with the lies you believe about yourself. One lie you might believe is that if something is wrong inside…you are ALL wrong.  Another lie is that if something is wrong, it can’t be fixed. Neither are true. Don’t give up on yourself so easily.

You can break the pain of shame and the pattern of your past. You can reverse the trend. You are looking at an effect that was caused by something. So address the cause and get your life back. There are three steps to this process.

  • Believe it’s possible. Studies show that people are shut down from change simply by not believing it’s possible.  When you have no hope you don’t bother to try. If you have no hope in yourself then at least put hope in God to work a change.
  • Get a plan. If you are passive about changing your life nothing will happen. I lost ten pounds when I came up with a plan to watch my calories and exercise. But the plan came first.
  • Take action. Once you have a plan then activate it. Step by step. Block by block. (In my case, pound by pound). It doesn’t happen over night. But you’ll get there as long as you are moving forward, and the sooner you start the sooner you arrive.

My point is…give yourself some credit. You have issues. Sure. We all do. But there is something you can do about your past. You don’t have to stay stuck. God is present right now to help you move to a better place.

Start the conversation:  If you’ve been able to make a change it your life, what set it in motion?  Leave your comment below.



3 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots of Your Past

  1. Kim Wintering

    For me, I don’t even know how to set goals to get anywhere because I don’t know what to do. My struggle is with what purpose God has given me to fulfill. I’m definitely called to be a wife and mom (I have been both for about 19 years now), but many women are, and do other things too, like other ministries and work.

    1. F. Remy Diederich

      This is a big topic but look for what excites you. What is it that you are passionate about. What makes you laugh or cry or get mad? What are the issues that you enjoy seeing addressed or think someone should fix? They might be at church or in your community. Join a few projects to help out in church and the community and ask God to show you where you can plug in. I think over time you’ll find a sense of purpose and calling.

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