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We did it. We got my new book, STUCK…how to mend and move on from broken relationships, out before Christmas!

Stuck broken relationships

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I’m pretty excited about this book. The early reviews are great! As I was writing the book I felt like people were going to get some very practical help by reading it. The first reviews seem to prove that’s true. There’s nothing more rewarding than to hear that back from people. It makes all those late nights of writing and rewriting worth it.

One reviewer wrote: STUCK… can be summed up in one word–brilliant…I have read books on anger and forgiveness written by famous theologians and pastors of mega churches, and though they have been helpful in their own right, this particular one hit home for me like no other has. read full review 

No One Likes Getting STUCK

I think we all know what it’s like to be stuck in a broken relationship. It can be with anyone: your spouse, your child, a co-worker, a friend, or your parents. It’s frustrating. You feel boxed in with no way out.  Nothing changes. No matter what you do things just seem to get worse. Ugh. You either walk away or resign yourself to a terminally bad relationship. Neither option is good.

If you are STUCK in a relationship or if you know someone who is, I hope you will consider getting this book. It’s not a magic pill. Any broken relationship takes work. But STUCK is a guidebook to show you the way through the chaos.

SPECIAL OFFER: This week only

If you purchase STUCK by Christmas EVE, Cross Point Publishing will send you downloads to these three books:

  1. Kindle or epub version of STUCK ($5.99 value).
  2. Kindle or epub version of Healing the Hurts of Your Past ($5.99 value)
  3. Links to the four-hour audio book (Mp3) version of my seminar, How to Release Your Anger…for Good! ($25 value). This seminar is only available through this offer.  I personally narrated this seminar. It serves as the basis for the book, STUCK.

Total Value: $36.98. To get these three free books simply forward the email confirmation of your purchase to Valid with either the Kindle or Paperback version of STUCK. Expires: 12/24/12.

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